5 Lead Generation Tactics to Complement B2B Telemarketing

For any marketing and sales professional, one of the biggest challenges that is faced is getting prospects to convert. Some might say that it’s easy to get someone interested in your product/service – but getting them to convert is a pressing problem. 

When done right, blogging and posting on social networks as part of a B2B telemarketing strategy will increase your conversion rate. Using an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy will increase your potential ROI and ensure that leads generated will sit and sell. Your fears will be reduced; knowing that your business is going to meet its lead generation targets. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together the 5 best practices for boosting your lead volumes using blogs and social networks in 2020: 

Blog, don’t flog: 

You know when you walk into a shop and immediately you’re accosted by  a number of sales assistants – it’s overwhelming, it’s annoying and most of all, it’s more likely to get you turning around and walking straight out of the shop. This is the same when it comes to content marketing. Explaining the benefits of your product or service too early can make your marketing seem ‘pushy’. To generate more leads from blogs and social media platforms, your content must offer something valuable to prospects. You should be writing to educate your visitors – not just selling to them. The more that prospects learn from you, the more likely that they are to submit personal data in return for educational content and convert to leads. 

Join in!: 

Similar to not flogging yourself at every opportunity – you should join in with your prospect’s conversations. Knowing exactly what your potential client is looking for is key to being a good marketer. Following your prospects on social media allows you to stay on top of what they care about. Blogs are a great way to join in as well. Writing your next blog in answer to a common problem that prospects are experiencing or even as a step-by-step guide to help them to help them access opportunities that they are interested in. Potential leads will relate to the relevant topics of your blogs, helping them to convert into clients or engage with the posts on social networks and subscribe to your content. 

Careful Conversions: 

In order to boost lead volumes, appropriate Calls-To-Action alongside blogs and other social media posts are imperative to good lead generation tactics. CTA’s can direct the reader to more in-depth guidance about your lead generation strategy. 

Human Interaction is immeasureable!:

People buy from people. In our technological world, it can be quite easy to forget! Though it mean seem like an obvious point but including contact information in every blog post/social network update increases the likelihood of generating calls. A surprising number of marketers forget to include business email addresses or telephone numbers on social media platforms. If you want to generate leads, make sure that they can contact you! Some prospects qualify themselves as leads by even just enquiring about the benefits of your product or service.

Data is king:

Analysing data – though it sounds dull – it’s one of the best things that you can do to optimise your lead generation strategies. Data can be gathered from visitors to your blogs and social media feeds, enabling you to work out which topics result in more CTA clicks, track which messages convince the most prospects to fill out landing pages & identify which documents qualified leads download. 

In doing this, you will be able to continue the practices that generate the most leads and then scrap the ones that don’t. 

Acting on your analysis means that you can target the conversion process to visitors who are truly interested in your services. As a result, your marketing team will spend less time on bad quality leads. 

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