Model of retention is our model for success

Telemarketing Success

With the launch of the new website, it is likely to help reposition The Lead Lab within a very competitive market, the digital future is looking bright and ambitious for the company’s founder and managing director, Toby Blatchford-Tagg. Toby started out as an independent telemarketer in 2012, working from home for just one client. The client was so impressed that they asked Toby ‘is there more of you?’, as they wanted him to manage the telesales on other companies within their group…and so The Lead Lab was born out of a success necessity. Continue reading “Model of retention is our model for success”

5 reasons why we win London telesales business

Telesales London

Although the Lead Lab is based in Exeter, Devon, we have a lot of clients outside of the South West, and we boast a significant client base in London for telesales.

We never hesitate in chasing London work, as the big firms there usually have high client values and are very professional to work with.

Here are my top 5 reasons why London companies should always consider placing their telesales campaigns outside of the city limits Continue reading “5 reasons why we win London telesales business”