2017 In A Blog

2017 In a blog


2017 has been a successful year for The Lead Lab, and the group of businesses as a whole. We now have more than double the number of employees, meaning our company has become more diverse with a wider range of experience, knowledge and skillsets which has increased the office ‘buzz’ and introduced healthy competition within the working environment.


Due to the headcount increase, it has provided opportunities for people inside the business to progress into higher level roles, which has consequently increased motivation and distributed responsibility, allowing systems and processes to run more smoothly. With a full management team, it now allows us to deal with issues quicker and more efficiently whilst having more brain power to think of fresh ideas and keep the Lead Lab ahead of the game.


The social culture that differentiates the Lead Lab to other businesses has grown with new members of staff, which is demonstrated by our largest ever employee group attending the annual Ibiza work trip this year! Our regular staff socials allow new members of the group to get to know each other in a fun and relaxed setting.


The growth of our sister business, Home Lead Gen, has been our success story of 2017. Two and a half years since its establishment, the company has tripled in size, meaning an additional office has been built to accommodate the expansion. The opportunity to scale up has been much quicker in the B2C industry, simply due to the nature of the sector – there are far more homes than businesses out there! As a result, over 10 telemarketers can be assigned to a single campaign. This has created huge opportunities for The Lead Lab, in terms of referrals and business relationships.

Laptop graphs and notepad

We started the year with one profitable business, and we are now ending the year with three. When our Managing Director, Toby Blatchford-Tagg, was asked what was in store for the group in 2018, he confidently stated there should be 5 profitable businesses within the Lead Lab group, which will push for even more growth, expansion and success.


“I’ve learnt three things from 2017; 1) Not to worry about the small stuff, 2) Focus on things you can control – not the things you can’t control, and 3) Remain positive.”

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Artificial Intelligence – What Everyone’s Talking About.

Recent news suggests that scientists aren’t far from creating the ultimate customer service robot, and after considering the pros and cons, Toby Blatchford-Tagg, our Managing Director, gave us some insight into his thoughts and opinions on the matter and how it might affect our industry.


“17 years ago, when I started telemarketing, I used a ruler and highlighter to work through a call sheet. Now we have computers created with the fastest technology available, running web based software which dials multiple numbers at once, putting you through to the prospect which answers the quickest. Productivity is leaps and bounds above what it used to be.”

 Iphone X

Since the development of diallers and collaborative technologies such as Google Sheets and instant messaging services, it’s no wonder the technology industry has now progressed to Artificial Intelligence. There are constant improvements and upgrades being made to operating systems which are designed to carry out your actions faster and easier.


“Switching from a ruler and highlighter to auto diallers and multi-use spreadsheets in 20 years only makes me excited to see what the next 20 years will bring. Nobody knows what developments will be made, but it’s intriguing to predict the possibilities. I believe that in a further 50 years, there will be human-like technology that could potentially replace us.”


At present, nothing can replace human interaction and genuine synergy. Our telemarketers pride themselves on the personality they bring to the companies they represent. Building relationships and conversing with real interest are the keys to a successful campaign and we fully recognise that.


“There are so many opportunities to improve our industry in the next 10-20 years, it will be compelling to see how we adapt and develop as a result. Telemarketing is timeless unless they can make a machine communicate as well as a human, but that may never happen.”



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