Building Customer Rapport Over The Phone

It’s a known fact that the first step to making a sale is building trust between you and the prospect.

Here at the Lead Lab, we like to build trust through genuine interest and rapport with the person on the other end of the telephone. We do this because we know the first thing that leaps to people’s mind when hearing the ‘T’ word; phone bashing and hard selling. We like to separate ourselves from that perception, which is why we do things differently.

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One of the biggest and most frequently asked questions we get is how we manage to achieve this – and the answer is by simply being genuinely interested in what people have to say, as we like to learn about the business in question. We find that asking prospects some questions about what they do almost always triggers a positive response, after all, who doesn’t love to talk about their passion?

We adopt a process that differs to other lead generation companies, because we allow our telemarketers the freedom to stray away from the original script – or the ‘Bible’, as we like to refer to it – preventing our telemarketers from sounding like automated robots, repetitively churning out the same information (this is the exact trait we like to steer clear of!). Once the telemarketer feels comfortable in the industry of your prospects, it becomes easy to delve into deeper discussions, the telemarketer learns the terminology until it becomes second nature and subsequently becomes a high-quality representative that you can rely on to bring growth and success to the table.

It’s fair to say that being timid doesn’t really work in the sales world, and our team project their confidence through knowledge and belief in the product/service they’re selling. With our long-term clients, the telemarketers develops a true passion for their campaign and go above and beyond the realms of their job to make sure people understand the benefits of our client’s offerings.

Part of our work ethos is to deliver on traditional telemarketing and lead generation expectations with a modern outlook on how businesses have evolved, an example of this is the integration of email marketing throughout our campaigns. We will continue to update and refresh the way we work to ensure we keep up to date with current business culture.

To learn more about what we do, call us on 0333 207 0540 to talk to one of our team members at The Lead Lab!

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