Telemarketing Self Awareness

At The Lead Lab we like to be aware of what we are good at and what we are not good at. We like to be ‘self-aware’.


What we mean by self-awareness is ‘an awareness of our own personality or individuality.’ Whether you are a managing director or a telemarketer, we need all our staff to recognize their behaviour traits and how they affect the people around them. Meaning we can judge the best way to work together to produce the best results.

We like telemarketers and managers here to be true to their skill set and being self-aware isn’t just about being mindful, it’s about knowing what you’re best at. Some people can write really great emails for sales leads, that have the honest personal tone we want, while others are better at talking to people on the phone. What we don’t want is staff being lead down a road that they don’t feel they excel in, as this can give them feelings of negativity and that can affect conversion. We like to approach our business ethos as ‘what is needed for the client and their service/product we are selling?’. By being self-aware you can then set up a process for your telemarketing campaign where everyone feels totally confident with what they have been tasked to do. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

It’s important to note that we don’t look critically at a telemarketer if they are strong in one area but not another. As long as they are strong in one area then we can all work together. Our staff listen to their peers in a constructive nurturing environment, as often it’s the people around you that can pick up on common bad habits. We like to make staff feel comfortable with constructive feedback. Even our senior managers regularly go to self-awareness courses as it makes for a better business where we are all here to learn and achieve. It also puts us in a position where we want to do things right, because we care about the campaigns and their success. Being open to self-awareness is part of our whole company culture.

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