Our Solution to Telemarketing Taboos

The telemarketing industry is awash with bad practices, from salesy one line openers to not listening attentively to prospects on the phone.

We take a more honest view to phone conversations and work very hard to steer our telemarketers away from bad telephone practices. Right from the get-go, our approach to phoning prospects is upbeat, professional and all about personal engagement. Lochlan Choules, one of our most experienced telemarketers, talks us through some key potholes to avoid;


“You need to avoid coming across as ‘salesy’, so we don’t open a call with ‘how are you today?’ as this instantly shows you are trying to sell something which can annoy your prospect. Also, we don’t use ‘closed questions’, which is any type of question that would warrant a yes or no answer, as it doesn’t create an engaging conversation. For example, we don’t ask ‘is that something you would be interested in?’, because the prospect can say ‘no’ and then the conversation is hard to pull back in your favour.


The best way to engage with a prospect is to have an honest conversation with them. This means not talking over them, or rushing to get your message across. The other thing we have learnt is the importance of listening. If you listen attentively, you can pick up and talk about matters they have raised and you start engaging on a personal level, which is more likely to deliver results.


Some telemarketers are so used to ‘reading a script’ that they rush through the call and forget that the prospect is hearing your message for the first time, and it needs to be delivered at a good pace. Rushing through your pitch means the prospect might not understand or take in what you are saying, this irritates them and the call is, therefore, less likely to convert.  Rushing is also very unprofessional, as you must give the listener the time and space to respond, they aren’t just another number on your call sheet.


Another key practice is to steer away from unprofessional buzz words. A buzz word is a word you use to fill a gap in the conversation, such as ‘ideal‘ or ‘awesome’. This has recently become a bad habit in the telemarketing industry.”


We have created a culture of continuous improvement at the Lead Lab, so we regularly choose a few calls – a mix consisting of calls that have been converted, calls to clients who are not interested and agreed call backs – and listen back through them with the Account Manager. When calls are listened to retrospectively, we can really pick up on areas to improve and learn from. By listening and taking the time to analyse our telemarketing, we can avoid bad practices and allow our staff to benefit from the best practice of their experienced peers.


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Why Telemarketing isn’t Going out of Fashion.



Here at the Lead Lab, telemarketing will always be current and valuable. That’s because we live and breathe it. Whilst we know that many people consider the word ‘telemarketing’ to carry negative connotations, we strongly believe this is simply due to a lack of knowledge around the service.


Whilst speaking to our Managing Director, Toby Blatchford-Tagg, we discussed the benefits of telemarketing and why companies still revert to it as their number one marketing channel;


“I believe the biggest perk of using telemarketing is that it grants control over who you market your product to, meaning that you contact the people who you deem the most important and you can tailor your pitch to conform with different people and their needs. It also creates urgency; you get to speak directly with prospects immediately and in high volumes, meaning the efficiency levels are immense.”


Some people may question why they should fully invest in telemarketing when there are less costly marketing channels available, such as social media marketing or content marketing. We have been asked this many times, but we have complete confidence in our response;


“I believe it depends on the business in question. B2B businesses with high product/client values have the potential for high returns when using telemarketing due to a deeper and more personal engagement, this is because people want to fully understand the concept of something before investing money into it. However, social media can be really effective for consumers and when it’s used in conjunction with other channels.”


The negative association with telemarketing is something we tend to address when talking to businesses. Sometimes it can be due to a bad experience, or just simply down to misconception. We completely understand this, and prove concept to prospects by successful case studies and demonstrating our ideologies and our business model.


“The reason I think telemarketing gets a bad name is through ‘old school telemarketing techniques’, as I like to call them. This includes methods such as ‘phone bashing’ and harassing contacts until they are forced to listen. We steer very clear of this. In the B2B industry, the approach is much more formal and ‘non-salesy’. We like to contact people because we genuinely believe they will benefit from our client’s offerings. We also integrate our telemarketing with other channels such as email marketing, creating multiple touch points which might suit the prospect better.”


Toby started telemarketing when he dropped out of college 14 years ago, and wanted to earn money to travel the world. He saw the potential and was drawn in by the direct and ‘to the point’ approach, whilst having a great sense of satisfaction in assisting with the success, growth and sales that telemarketing offers to businesses.


“Telemarketing will be around forever, simply because you won’t ever be able to beat the genuine human interaction it offers. I strongly believe that, in my lifetime, there will not be any development that will replicate the engaging and captivating approach our telemarketers take.”


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How To Hit (And Exceed) Your Targets, ‘The Lead Lab Style’.

In sales, we believe there are three ways to keep at the top of your game, and in the telemarketing industry, we know all too well ourselves that remaining enthusiastic and motivated can be challenging at times. That’s why we implement our three golden rules into our selling strategy to help our agents hit – and most importantly – exceed their targets.

Number one; Remain positive. As cliché and cringeworthy as it might sound, maintaining positive despite occasional or even consistent negative feedback will be the ultimate saviour. The reason for this is quite simple; negative thinking will, in turn, produce a negative performance. Even when you aren’t sat face-to-face with someone whilst introducing your business or product, they can still detect your mood and tone from the telephone, and why would anybody buy into pitch if you don’t sound like you live, breathe, eat and sleep it?


That’s why there’s always something going on in The Lead Lab office, with birthday celebrations, staff socials, team building exercises and performer of the week prizes – there’s never a dull moment. We create this culture for the sole reason of maintaining a positive atmosphere, which always reflects on to the telemarketer’s frame of mind. Positive thinking equals positive results and we see these results day in/day out.


Number Two; Focus on the things you can control. When working on a campaign, there are a number of things that could go wrong. From technical issues to a bad batch of data, things happen that you simply cannot control, so why let yourself become stressed? We like to focus our time and energy onto things that we can control, such as product training, learning about the company, gaining an insight into the background and culture of the business and improvement of sales techniques. This allows us to spend extra time and energy on the things we can make a difference with, rather than letting things we can’t change affect our approach.


Finally, Number Three. Remain interested. We know that there is nothing more off-putting than speaking to an discernibly bored telemarketer on the phone. A conversation needs energy, spark and passion in order to keep the prospect engaged and wanting to know more about the product/service. Engaging enthusiastically with a business owner about their pride and joy will always attract great results, as people love to talk about what they love. This detracts the ‘hard sell’ approach that people often associate with telemarketing, and that’s not what we’re about. We’re here to find out whether we can add value to people’s businesses through our clients’ offerings, and we understand that ‘no’ means ‘no’.


We want to assist with the success of our clients, and providing a high ROI lies within the amount of quality leads we produce. We emphasise the quality because we don’t believe in pushing as many leads though as possible, just to ‘hit the numbers’.  Ultimately, we want the leads that we generate to have the highest chance of converting into a sale for our client.


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