Our Solution to Telemarketing Taboos

The telemarketing industry is awash with bad practices, from salesy one line openers to not listening attentively to prospects on the phone. We take a more honest view to phone conversations and work very hard to steer our telemarketers away from bad telephone practices. Right from the get-go, our approach to phoning prospects is upbeat, […]

Why Telemarketing isn’t Going out of Fashion.

    Here at the Lead Lab, telemarketing will always be current and valuable. That’s because we live and breathe it. Whilst we know that many people consider the word ‘telemarketing’ to carry negative connotations, we strongly believe this is simply due to a lack of knowledge around the service.   Whilst speaking to our […]

How To Hit (And Exceed) Your Targets, ‘The Lead Lab Style’.

In sales, we believe there are three ways to keep at the top of your game, and in the telemarketing industry, we know all too well ourselves that remaining enthusiastic and motivated can be challenging at times. That’s why we implement our three golden rules into our selling strategy to help our agents hit – […]