Why We Benefit From Apprentices, and Why Apprentices Benefit From Us.

    Here at the Lead Lab, we have taken on 2 apprentices in the past 2 years. One of which is now the Managing Director of his own business, The Social Media Lab, whilst the other is steadily progressing into a more senior marketing role for the entire group of businesses.   In the […]

Making Employees Feel Comfortable in the Workplace

Here at The Lead Lab, we love to encourage differentially in the office. We promote this by employing a wide age range of people from different walks of life, supporting employees in their own ventures, and allowing employees to make their workspace as comfortable as possible for them.

In-House Telemarketing Vs Outsourced Telemarketing


  It’s widely known that generating leads and appointments through traditional telemarketing is a sure-fire way to steadily increase your business growth, but businesses often question why they would outsource this service, rather than employing somebody in-house to do the job. The answer to this is simple; to save money, receive a high standard service […]

The Integration of Marketing Channels

hands working on keyboard

  In 21st Century business culture, multi-tasking is a necessity if you want to be ahead of the game. Here in the Lead Lab office, our telemarketers are trained to use multiple channels in their marketing strategy from the get-go. This works for three main reasons… It increases the possibility of gaining the prospects’ attention […]