Why We Benefit From Apprentices, and Why Apprentices Benefit From Us.



Here at the Lead Lab, we have taken on 2 apprentices in the past 2 years. One of which is now the Managing Director of his own business, The Social Media Lab, whilst the other is steadily progressing into a more senior marketing role for the entire group of businesses.


In the process of taking on these apprentices, Toby Blatchford-Tagg, our Managing Director and Founder of The Lead Lab, knew exactly what he was looking for; young, bright and energetic individuals who possessed passion and were eager to learn.


“We wanted to employ apprentices with no previous experience in the industry, that way we could mold them into our style of working and business culture. This meant that we could get the most value out of them, whilst providing a credible platform for them to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. It works in our favour, as the overhead costs are low, but the advantages are huge”.


Our apprentices started with an extensive understanding of exactly what they wanted to achieve, and with Joe, The Lead Lab’s first apprentice, it was clear from the start that a business venture was his goal, and Toby was the one who could make that goal a reality.


“I knew from the get-go that a digital marketing agency could be a great investment, but I needed Joe to prove he had the value and capability of running a business. He showed massive commitment by consistently being the first one in and last one out the office, despite earning the least money. It’s a rewarding feeling to watch somebody start from the bottom and work their way to the top.”


As we were looking for apprentices with no previous experience, it meant we could teach them to understand business strategy in a productive manner. This included proactive problem solving, always having a positive attitude, testing and measuring results and most importantly – not dwelling on the negatives.


Once Joe was in a position to put all his time and effort into his new pride and joy, The Social Media Lab, Toby and the rest of the management team thought it would be foolish to lose the value Joe brought to the marketing side of The Lead Lab in regards to gaining new business and building brand awareness. Therefore, they were quick to recruit Amelia, who swiftly took over Joe’s responsibility and delved deep into the marketing role with the ambition of growing into a senior marketing manager for the business group.


“I believe that establishing a relationship where we both gain and work towards something is essential. I use this ideology for every working relationship, otherwise, it’s unsustainable if the benefits are only one-sided.”


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