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The Integration of Marketing Channels


In 21st Century business culture, multi-tasking is a necessity if you want to be ahead of the game. Here in the Lead Lab office, our telemarketers are trained to use multiple channels in their marketing strategy from the get-go. This works for three main reasons…

  1. It increases the possibility of gaining the prospects’ attention
  2. If we have correspondence via a channel other than telemarketing, the initial call, therefore becomes much ‘warmer’
  3. It builds trust and we become more approachable to prospects who prefer to be contacted by other means.


The main channel we integrate alongside our telemarketing is email marketing. We do this because we receive a huge response from prospects who may not be available to talk when our telemarketers call, but they do have an interest in the product/service we’re introducing.  We know that people have busy working lives, and it’s unlikely they have time to answer every single call they receive. After all, if we dismissed every prospecting call that went to voicemail, we would miss out on a lot of opportunities.


All of our telemarketers will send emails with content that is personal and engaging. We spend a lot of time in the preparation stages of a campaign with our Operations Director, Harry Jones, to make sure the email has all the necessary information, but still comes across as captivating and personal. If the prospect responds to the email wanting to know more, our telemarketers will then proceed to call and answer any questions they might have, resulting in a warmer and more inviting phone conversation.


We know this method of integrating marketing channels is what makes us different to our competitors, we always aim to keep up to date with alternative methods that we can introduce to make our approach stronger and more effective. Our in-house marketing team are always on the lookout for fresh processes to exceed our targets and raise the standard of service here at The Lead Lab.

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