Making Employees Feel Comfortable in the Workplace

Here at The Lead Lab, we love to encourage differentially in the office. We promote this by employing a wide age range of people from different walks of life, supporting employees in their own ventures, and allowing employees to make their workspace as comfortable as possible for them.

We like to rebel from the ‘call centre’ herd culture of employing only fresh-faced individuals looking for a stepping stone, and hot desking them with little mentorship or support. That’s why, when we are recruiting, we fully invest in the people. Regardless of anything else, we want to employ the right person with the right working attitude. Once we have found the perfect candidate we fully believe that putting trust and resources into them will bring true value to our business.

Joe McWilliam started with us at The Lead Lab when we were a fledgeling company with just eight employees. “I had worked in call centres before I joined The Lead Lab and the majority of us were straight out of school. We’d come in, in the morning and be assigned a desk and not know the person we were sitting next to. Our managers had a large number of people to oversee so we rarely got any real time with them. We don’t work like that here. We employ telemarketers who we think will be good at the job and that’s all we consider. We like to utilise different qualities, for example a younger person might bring raw enthusiasm and motivation to the table whilst a more mature employee would bring knowledge and experience to the phones which can help guide and build skill sets for the rest of the team.”

Here at The Lead Lab we like to acknowledge the small details which can help make every day more enjoyable for the people that contribute to the everyday runnings of our business, which in turn moulds our success. We know that making your employees happy has a direct impact on the experience your clients receive, therefore we ensure we accomplish this effectively.

“I never feel like a cog in the machine that’s for sure. I train most of the staff here and manage a small team and I’m really engaged and involved with them daily. I like that. I see the massive business advantage of that. So as far as I’m concerned, the more diverse the better.”

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