Why Attending ‘The FD Centre’ Conference Helps Telesales

A round of golf, networking over drinks and dinner followed by an inspirational speaker are just some of the ways The Lead Lab telesales team stays connected with their longest running client.

Emma Davie is the Account Manager for The FD Centre, and has been working on their telemarketing account for several years. However, even though the business relationship between The Lead Lab and FD Centre is strong and secure, Emma never misses their biannual conference in Birmingham.

“The event is aimed towards their Financial Directors and Regional Sales Managers, who we directly set appointments for, so it’s great to meet up with them, hear their stories and take part in fun activities – In fact, I tried a fitness class with them this year! It really bonds us all as a team working towards one goal.”

The Lead Lab have kept The FD Centre as a client for many years because they deliver results with their telemarketing, but it doesn’t mean they are complacent.


“Attending the conference every six months gives me the chance to hone my sales technique and reminds me of their business morals and culture, as well as understanding what they have achieved in the past year. It’s a really friendly and inclusive way to feedback and reflect, as well as keep things fresh.”

It’s this immersive approach to being an outsourced member of the client’s team that stops The Lead Lab’s telemarketers from ever feeling ‘disconnected’. The distance and days spent of the phone can leave other companies forgetting who they perform the work for – and why – but not The Lead Lab.

“One of the best parts of the conference is the after-dinner speaker. This year it was an inspirational and funny talk by the producer of the TV show ‘School of Hard Knocks’. He discussed the life lessons and values that the show helps to instil and I really enjoyed it. I take that uplifting feeling back to the phones when the conference is over.”

Even though Emma speaks regularly – daily in most cases – to her client, attending that biannual conference is vital. The happiness and inspiration that our telemarketers take away from the two-day event has a real knock on effect.

“I heard that everyone who took part in rounders received a bottle of Prosecco, so I’ll be signing up to that in May!”.

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