Telemarketing Transparency


We strongly believe in building trust here at The Lead Lab, and to ensure that our clients have complete visibility over our telemarketing activities.

One of the biggest fears that companies often have when outsourcing telemarketing is that they really don’t know what is going on, how their brand is being represented on the phone and if those calls accurately reflect the culture of their business. We have always tackled this fear head on by allowing our clients complete visibility over every part of our telemarketing campaigns that we run on their behalf.

We do this firstly on a personal level, with honesty in discussing our approach to speaking with their prospective clients and providing feedback based on our expertise in telemarketing. Secondly, we invest in cutting edge technology which allows us to provide accessibility to our clients, such as our daily call recordings, ‘live’ data sheets utilised by our telemarketers and weekly call reporting.

During the initial stages of our campaign, our clients usually like to login to our live data sheets to monitor our telemarketers’ progress They can see notes being added in real-time, giving clients peace of mind and allowing them to feedback quickly if needed. This also allows us to improve and work in conjunction with them to assure we are accurately reflecting the culture of their business in our phone calls. Aligning with our clients’ ethos is a crucial aspect of every campaign we undertake.

All calls at The Lead Lab are recorded, and call recordings can be sent to the client. Again, this is where our investment in the latest technology comes into play; we link recordings directly into their CRM system, or simply email the audio files to them. This is especially important when each appointment is set; the salesperson attending the appointment can listen to the call before they go into the meeting, ensuring they have a strong understanding of the prospect from a sales perspective.

Lastly, we send through a sales report to our clients each week, and experience has taught us that each report also needs to be followed by a weekly conference call, as the numbers don’t always indicate the intricacies behind the campaign. It is very important to us that the client understands the value of these numbers, but also the ‘ground reality’ behind them, which can help to assess and review campaign progress. During the call, we also discuss any challenges in the week’s campaign, and our telemarketers can listen and learn from a client’s sector experience. This contributes to building a relationship between ourselves and the client which ensures that any investment in telemarketing provides the highest return. This is why we feel that being ‘transparent’ in our telemarketing only garners more effective results and strengthens our position in the market.

Blog by Toby Blatchford-Tagg, Managing Director, The Lead Lab

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