The Lead Lab – Leading the way in positive work culture

Here at The Lead Lab we are all about delivering great results for our customers and delivering them the best leads we can. However, like the saying “behind every great man lies a great woman” we believe that behind every great lead, lies a great team, which is why creating a positive work environment is […]

A Rewarding Telemarketing Campaign – is it a myth?

When working in sales, there is nothing better than building a really strong pipeline, and one of the most effective methods of doing that is by making calls and starting conversations with your key target market.  Implementing a successful telemarketing campaign is a process that many businesses do struggle to achieve. But with time, patience […]

Customer Service – The Backbone To Any Business

Customer Service

If you were to ask any business owner, from any industry, how important customer service is to them, I’m certain they would stress how fundamental it is to their success. It can be the make or break of a company, and the sole reason why a prospect is retained and therefore becomes a repetitive buyer. […]