A Rewarding Telemarketing Campaign – is it a myth?

When working in sales, there is nothing better than building a really strong pipeline, and one of the most effective methods of doing that is by making calls and starting conversations with your key target market. 

Implementing a successful telemarketing campaign is a process that many businesses do struggle to achieve. But with time, patience and care, it can be so successful and fruitful for your company. Many believe that a telemarketing campaign can often be seen as complex, time-consuming or outdated. To eliminate this misconception, we here at The Lead Lab make sure that  every client is guided through the set-up process that is specifically designed to deliver rewarding results for your business. 

Like anything – slow and steady can generally win the race. So you’ve started a telemarketing campaign. You’re looking for ROI in the first day. Any salesperson can tell you that that is just not going to happen.It is so important to take your time when starting up a marketing campaign. Senior-decision makers are busy and it takes time to build up a strong looking pipeline. The best campaigns that we have worked on have been ones where the clients know this and they take their time to tweak and perfect the campaign so that it is perfectly placed to achieve the best results. 

Similar to this, a lot of common complaints about telemarketing is down to the quality of the leads. Poorly qualified leads, leads that don’t show up, a difference of opinion are all that needs to happen for a client relationship to turn sour. In this case, setting out exactly the parameters of what a qualified lead looks like is imperative to a successful telemarketing campaign. At The Lead Lab, we want any campaign that we are a part of to be the most successful that it can be. 

It is also worth mentioning that ROI is not just the only benefit to a telemarketing campaign. Nowadays, finding out what you shouldn’t be marketing to is just as important as finding out what you should be marketing to. Targeting your marketing umbrella is key to finding out wastage within your marketing budget. Telemarketing can definitely help you with this by narrowing down exactly who you need to be marketing towards. 

A rewarding telemarketing campaign is most definitely not a myth, at The Lead Lab we have been a part of many extremely successful Lead Generation campaigns. Through our guided, transparent and analytical process, we make sure that our clients are supported throughout the campaign. We pride ourselves on our bespoke telemarketing projects – if you’re in need of B2B or B2C lead generation then why don’t you get in touch today? Our team would love to have a chat – give us a call on 0333 207 0540 or drop us an email on info@theleadlab.com.

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