Telemarketing – The Heart of Multi-Channel Marketing

It used to be the case that companies would use one channel for their marketing and sales needs; one channel that was easily managed, quantified and analysed. B2B businesses are nowadays more digitally savvy and have become multichannel consumers, using a number of different tactics when marketing themselves out into the world. 

In today’s technological climate, business is primarily online. Every B2B business has some form of website offering or at the very least a social media page of some kind. The digital presence of a business is imperative in this modern age. The majority of B2B companies look up product or service information online, but also expect this information to be consistent across the channels. By using different marketing channels, business’ are able to put forward their positioning statement and any marketing strategy concisely and consistently. 

What role does telemarketing have in this? Telemarketing is a fantastic channel and benefits a company’s marketing strategy massively. Telemarketing can be integrated into an existing marketing strategy or created as a new one. Either way, placing telemarketing within the context of the omni-channel is a commercial imperative. 

For B2B marketing, the rise of multichannel marketing means that there is further integration of all sales channels to deliver consistent sales messages. Using a mix of channels that are all delivering the right message to prospects will keep your company at the top of their minds. In this way, telemarketing has proven its value as an extremely effective means of making personal connections over the phone. 

Our B2B lead generation services are designed around our clients. We provide many strands of marketing channels for you to use – telemarketing, social media marketing & email marketing. We are designed to be placed at the heart of your business, aiding business growth without the stress of an internal team. 

If you’re looking to kickstart your multi-channel marketing, get in touch with us today on or give us a call on 0333 207 0540 to discuss further. 

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