Why you should outsource your Appointment Setting Services

How many times have you missed a doctor or dentists’ appointment? It’s sometimes so difficult in daily life to remember each and every little thing that you need to do. This is where we come in to help. Through our appointment setting services, we can make sure that the little things don’t get lost and you get all the leads that your business needs. 

A B2B telemarketing company can work as an extension of your in-house team and ensure that your company doesn’t take its eye off the ball when trying to generate leads. Training staff to become telemarketers or creating your own in-house telemarketing team can be costly, time-consuming and inefficient. Few companies are of a size that warrants their own telemarketing team – this is why outsourcing it can be so effective and efficient. 

Knowledge based: 

A b2b telemarketing company can work as an extension for your in-house team and ensure that your potential clients are effectively educated about your services – just as well as they would be as if you had called them yourselves. 


Outsourcing appointment setting services cuts out all of the jargon and the unnecessary time that it would take you to set up the appointment. If you outsource the services, you’ll be able to do the one thing that you want to do – that is sell your business and your products, whatever it may be. 


Any good professional appointment setter would be able to make around 60 calls a day, speak to around 15 decision makers and make at least one appointment. These are targets that SME’s may not be able to make by themselves and is another very important reason as to why outsourced appointment setting is the way to go. 

Getting to the right person: 

To the unskilled person, it may be difficult to get who exactly it is you should be creating the appointment with. You don’t want to be creating an appointment with a trainee assistant when you should be talking to the director! A professional telemarketer will be able to understand instantly who it is you need to talk to and get you an appointment with them.

Setting that Appointment: 

It’s not an easy task convincing decision-makers sometimes, but a skilled telemarketer will be able to arrange an appointment with even the toughest to crack. Most decision-makers don’t love sales calls, but in the right way, a professional will be able to arrange an appointment with the right, professional approach. 
Appointment setting can play a valuable role in establishing trust, building leads and increasing sales/revenue, when executed correctly. Give us a call on 0333 2070540 or email us on info@theleadlab.com to find out more about how we can help your business grow.

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