5 Reasons as to why Telemarketing can be Successful for you in 2020

Some people would say that telemarketing, telesales – even some telephones! – are outdated in 2020. However, we can definitively confirm that this is not the case. The best, well-rounded sales strategies are those that include some type of telemarketing & telesales. By fully implementing a telemarketing team within your marketing & sales activity is one of the fastest and best ways to see your ROI. By including telemarketing in your strategy, you will experience the power that it gives you over your competitors. 

One of the advantages of telemarketing is that any leads that are created from it are now nicely warmed up for your sales team to come and close the sale. It’s personable – real people communicate with potential customers and gather important information that they can use to close the sale. 

So here are our 5 reasons as to why telemarketing could make your business successful in 2020!

Business do welcome telemarketing calls

Especially for B2B marketing, telemarketing is especially effective because businesses expect telesales calls. They know the value of telemarketing and how it can benefit their businesses as well as yours. Telemarketing allows your company to stay at the forefront of any potential client’s minds and is critical at an early stage for connecting before a competitor does. 

The Cost of Social Media Marketing is Going Up

Exploding in the last few years, the benefits of social media marketing is absolutely unquantifiable. More businesses are learning that they should be connecting with customers on social media. As a result, costs have multiplied due to the amount of competition. You can still try to build an audience organically, but it is time-consuming and a slow way to see results. Telemarketing works faster than social media marketing and is so much more effective at connecting with the person that you want to get into contact with. 

Telemarketing is Cheaper Than SEO 

Similar to social media marketing, SEO was a cheap and effective form of marketing when it first came onto the scene. But, as time has gone on and Google has improved its algorithm and the SEO space has become more saturated and complex, SEO has become way more expensive. 

Nowadays, SEO is more expensive than telemarketing. However, instead of competing with others everyday for the number 1 spot in search engines, you could directly contact dozens of potential customers each day via telemarketing. 

Business people like people 

It is so so valuable having a direct conversation with someone. In B2B sales, having human interaction through telemarketing helps to increase your chances of obtaining the sale. 

More often than now, it is easier to close a sale with a businessperson over the phone than online. Talking to someone on the phone is way more personable and can break down barriers faster. 

You can Analyze Call Recordings 

Telemarketing calls can be recorded and played back to ensure that you don’t forget any important details about a prospect. This means that you can increase your chances of closing a sale because you’ll have better insight on the lead. 

So even though telemarketing is said to be outdated, it shouldn’t be ignored because it is still making money for businesses that utilize this strategy. It can help you make B2B sales and close faster than other forms of marketing. 

The Lead Lab offers bespoke integrated email, LinkedIn marketing and telemarketing service, specialising in appointment setting for professional services and targeted database generation. If you are interested in how telemarketing can benefit your company, give us a call on 0333 207 0540. 

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