Why telemarketing can be successful for you!

We understand that you may feel apprehensive when investing in a telemarketing plan, but the best way to experience power over your competitors is to include telemarketing in your strategy.

Using internet marketing can be a disadvantage when trying to close the sale as most leads aren’t directly communicating with you. They are just reading your blogs and social media posts. Whereas using telemarketing is an advantage and it gets you closer to close the sale, as real people communicate with potential customers. Here are our reasons as why telemarketing can be successful for you! 

Businesses accepting Telemarketing calls.                                                        

Telemarketing is especially effective in B2B marketing because businesses will expect telesales calls. Businesses welcome telemarketing calls due to the fact that they are a quick and affordable method to interact with prospective customers over the phone.

The cost of social media marketing is rising.

More businesses are realising that interacting with their customers on social media is becoming a very effective method. The need for buying advertising space is increasing, due to this the costs have multiplied as the amount of competition is higher. You can still try building an audience in a simple way but that will lower your chances of good results. Telemarketing actually works faster than social media marketing and is more effective connecting with customers.

SEO (search engine optimism) and Telemarketing differences.

When SEO first came out it was seen as a cheap and effective form of marketing, similar to social media. SEO has become more expensive since google improved its algorithm and SEO became more complex.

Search engine optimism has become more expensive than telemarketing. For an easy option you could directly contact many potential customers via telemarketing.

Business people love human interaction.

If you engage buyers before contacting sellers, your sales team will have a greater opportunity to attain quota. In B2B sales, to help increase your chance of obtaining the sales,involve human interaction through telemarketing.

Talking to someone on the phone is more personable and helps to break down barriers to understand each other. For most people it’s easier to close a sale whilst on the phone rather than online.

You can run back and analyze telemarketing calls.

Telemarketing calls are recorded so you can play them back to ensure yourself that you don’t forget important details about a prospect. This gives you a better insight of the lead and a bigger increase on a chance of closing a sale.

Telemarketing should not be ignored because it’s still making money for businesses that prioritize this strategy. It can help you make B2B sales and close faster than any other forms of marketing.

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