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Here at The Lead Lab we are all about delivering great results for our customers and delivering them the best leads we can. However, like the saying “behind every great man lies a great woman” we believe that behind every great lead, lies a great team, which is why creating a positive work environment is such a high priority for us. 

We recently sat down with Daniel and checked in with him about how he finds working at The Lead Lab. Having been with us for over six years, it’s great to hear that even after being with us for so long Daniel is still incredibly upbeat and enthusiastic about his role and The Lead Lab.

“To put it simply, it’s a really great place to work. The whole team gets along really well and this makes such a difference – when I wake up, I look forward to the prospect of going to work as it is such a fun environment.” 

We really value our team at The Lead Lab, and know without them we would be nothing (grab the tissues) so we like to show our appreciation with a range of exciting work incentives. 

“The commission structure helps keep me motivated to keep doing my best for our clients and additional perks, like being invited on the annual work trip abroad helps create a culture where you want to continually push and do well.” 

Our annual trip abroad is a highly anticipated event for The Lead Lab team. It works as a combination of business and pleasure, as we work with a number of businesses across Europe so we take the opportunity to fly out, meet with the client and then reward everyone by having a few days holiday to relax and enjoy ourselves. It’s the best of both worlds for us, getting to reward our team whilst also really cementing the team spirit. 

Daniel add’s that the role itself is also a big reason why he enjoys his job so much: “There’s nothing that quite compares to that feeling of getting the sale, it’s addictive”. Working with such a variety of clients and offering a number of services, everyday is different for the team too. Daniel adds: “The role has a really good level of variety so it never gets boring.” 

Daniel is a great member of The Lead Lab team, so it’s great to hear for us he values working with us as much as we value working with him! If you are interested in joining The Lead Lab team and working in a great team environment, be sure to reach out to us, we have a number of opportunities regularly popping up!

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