Here’s why telemarketing might just be the savior for your business

Is your business struggling? 

Are you starting to feel exhausted with the marketing avenues you pursue, just to receive abysmal results? 

Do you lack the time and resources to improve your marketing? 

If you answer one of these, or all three then I can guarantee you telemarketing will be able to solve your issues. Often brushed under the carpet by many businesses when first suggested, telemarketing is a fantastic marketing method that can generate significant results and long-term success for your business when utilized effectively. 

Telemarketing can solve a number of common issues faced by many businesses. Our client JDE Professional is a brilliant example of this. Having come to us back in 2016, JDE Professional was a growing business, however lacked the time and expertise to generate the quality leads they were after. 

We solved this issue for them, and continued to work together three years later where we were averaging over 50 lead opportunities a month. We were generating so many quality leads that it led to them needing to increase their sales team to deal with them all. 

This isn’t the only time we have improved an issue for our client through telemarketing either. The FD Centre was struggling with generating leads from their email content. Working together, we used telemarketing to reach out to their audience who didn’t respond to emails and were able to generate a number of significant leads which otherwise would have been abandoned. 

Communication is the only way to resonate and connect with your audience, and telemarketing is one of the most genuine and direct methods for businesses to do this. We know telemarketing is not a “one size fits all” strategy which is why our talented team of expert telemarketers use their insight and knowledge of the businesses we work with, to tailor our approach to their clients in order to generate the best levels of success.

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