Can your old data be useful?

Here at The Lead Lab, when assessing new clients, part of our scouting process is to identify untapped opportunity and potential value in a business; value that can be profitable for our clients.

It is part of what makes our services ideal for businesses looking to grow, as our clients often find our telemarketers can create new leads and establish long-term and regular new business. We define a lead here at The Lead Lab as a potential customer for our clients’ business, identifying a lead by engaging with potential customers through our qualification process. This in turn helps provide effective lead generation for companies we partner with, ensuring quality for value telemarketing services.

A prime example of this turning coal into diamonds service we provide can be shown through our work with CLS Money. They are a business of mortgage specialist experts, providing mortgages to first-time buyers, remortgages, and other home moving financial aid to people with triple rated and adverse credit.

The problems faced by CLS were a combination of plenty of data for new mortgage enquiries and a lack of time and staff to chase up or follow all these leads up. Due to the high volume of data mixed with brokers having to manually dial each number, meant that new leads who missed their calls slipped through the cracks as new enquiries and opportunities come in regularly. It wasn’t practical for them to dedicate time to these callbacks, especially if their calls would go unanswered or to voicemail, not at the expense of new calls and leads coming in.

CLS faced a unique problem and The Lead Lab was ideally situated to help. CLS identified a growing database to us, now having reached 15,000 leads ranging from early 2020 to late 2021, that was sitting untouched. The objective was simple, take that data and follow up on those leads. It was another opportunity to use telemarketing to turn the Client’s unused data and produce value from old leads.

Part of what makes our telemarketer and digital marketing services successful is our effective in house-systems for calling up potential leads from the data packets that we are given. Our software calls the data numbers automatically, connecting our operators to active calls only, meaning less time with dial-outs and dead ends.

On an initial trial basis, one telemarketer spent half a day focused on CLS, any old enquiries that were still interested would be passed through directly to the CLS sales team or booked in for a later date.

Within the first 15 days, we had exceeded expectations.

Our dialer made 10,523 calls, connecting our telemarketer to 1872 active ones; a connection rate of 17.78% and leading to 72 hotkeys. All of these new leads coming from a database of old enquiries left for, in some cases, over a year.

It is worth noting that this goes further than traditional forms of business outsourcing. We are actively working with CLS to grow aspects of the telemarketing methods. CLS giving us access to their database means that we can make active changes and updates, allowing us to keep track of our hotkey conversions and get a clear sense of leads to sales; demonstrating the value of our services to their business.

The impact of our telemarking and digital marketing to CLS was providing new business to them from a cold database. We demonstrated the potential long-term benefit of our services. CLS is looking to scale and grow their digital marketing team to deal with the volume of calls, their decision showing a strong belief in our value to them in the long term. This growth and partnership, with CLS taking the opportunity to provide up-to-date data and leads, means that the projected hotkeys conversion from calls is likely to increase substantially.

Ultimately, we provided a distinctive service to a client that ended with a valuable return for our client. The Lead Lab can exploit an untapped resource and turn it to the advantage of our clients’ businesses, by using data and employing effective creative solutions we can solve similar problems for anyone.

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