Meet our newest team member, Josh – he might not be what you’re expecting!

Every team has that one member that has that special something about them, something that really sets them apart from the rest of the employees. For us, that team member has everything we could wish for – he’s friendly, hard working and organised and great at building relationships. We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you all to the star of The Lead Lab team: Josh, our quirky but adorable client relations manager and resident robot. 

After bringing Josh into the team back in 2020, Josh has played a key role for us at The Lead Lab by helping to further strengthen client trust and deepen relationships. With his monitor screen offering virtual face-to-face interactions and speedy wheels offering superb maneuverability, he can be hot wheeling it across the office to connect our clients with their telemarketers at the speed of light (alright, so that might be an exaggeration, but you get our drift)!

He allows our customers the opportunity whenever they wish, to drop in and catch up with the team working on their account – whether that’s for a quick chat or even just to take a cheeky look around the The Lead Lab office. 

Proof that all good things come in small packages, Josh’s size in no way equates to his power or success. In this Covid world, of which all businesses must now navigate how to operate in, Josh has been a saving grace for the team and our clients, bridging the gap of missing communication by allowing us to constantly stay in touch with our clients regardless of distance. Travel need not be a concern, as with Josh he makes all forms of communication possible virtually, saving both our clients time and money in commuting. 

We are constantly faced with excited customers looking to meet Josh or use his services. So if you are interested in meeting the infamous Josh and seeing what he can do, get in touch, he’s always looking to make some new friends! 

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