The Lead Lab take a step into the future by introducing Bitcoin as a method of payment

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years it’s likely you have heard of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Only continuing to increase in popularity and value, many experts and influential figures – such as the likes of Elon Musk – have already thrown their support behind the cryptocurrency and its increased future relevance. 

Being a business that thrives in utilising technology, we recognise the importance of keeping up to date with trends and always like to keep our finger on the pulse. After seeing for ourselves the impact Bitcoin has had and the colossal growth it has experienced in such a short time, we strongly believe Bitcoin will only increase its presence going forward, which is why we are delighted to share that from now we will be accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. 

Toby, Managing Director and Founder of The Lead Lab adds that “the reaction to implementing Bitcoin has already been great. Within 24 hours we had a customer reach out sharing that they were sold on working with us purley because we were including Bitcoin”. 

The Lead Lab take a step into the future by introducing Bitcoin as a method of payment 
We’re a forward thinking business and we know many of our clients are too – implementing Bitcoin as a method of payment is taking a step in doing what we always tell our clients to do – be prepared to react to the changing environment. So, in a bid to practice what we preach, we’re bringing Bitcoin in meaning we’re offering another payment option for our clients.

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