Outsourcing vs in-house – how moving to outsourcing could lead to an increase in leads

We all want our businesses to be successful and one way to achieve this is to make sure every aspect runs as efficiently and profitably as possible. Sometimes one of the simplest and quickest ways to accelerate this is by analysing which areas are underperforming and then outsourcing that part of the business function to experienced experts. 

Outsourcing is an excellent strategy that nearly all successful businesses choose to do at some point. If you think about it, it makes good business sense. We’ve all experienced the pressure of having to juggle a high volume workload with a number of different tasks needing to be actioned simultaneously. The truth is, something always has to make it to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list, and with that, the pressure more often than not, results in all of the tasks being completed to a lower standard than if it was just the sole focus of one person. 

The results achieved by outsourcing will not just marginally outperform in-house, but in our experience, the differences are huge. In terms of telemarketing, the average in-house person performing this role might achieve around 15 calls a day, whereas our highly trained and experienced operatives achieve in excess of 200 calls on average each day.  

In addition to the advantages of performance, there’s also the financial side to consider. By choosing to outsource specific roles, this may mean you are able to reduce the number of employees, meaning the business will have fewer other financial obligations associated with in-house, such as national insurance, investing in staff training and the ongoing burden of the monthly salary run and managing a bigger team. 

Employing staff comes with increased risks in comparison to outsourcing. You might employ someone and invest time, energy and resources into training them just for them to up and leave a few months later, putting your businesses in a position where it has to incur costly recruitment agency fees again, with no guarantee the new team member will ‘work out’. Also consider how disruptive this is in terms of continuity, with outsourcing if we lose a team member, we just simply shift the tasks to another trained telemarketer. 

Outsourcing also gives your business greater flexibility. With our telemarketing agency, we have purposefully built contracts that make sure there is no obligation to sign-up to a long-term contract and we also offer the ability to pause and restart whenever needed – something we’ve found has been incredibly helpful to businesses over the past 12 months. 

For us though, the underlying reason to choose to outsource is the value it creates. Our team has the experience, the skills and the passion to achieve results for your business. With this value also comes growth. Once we start working with your business and generating value, this then leads for more scope to reinvest meaning we can employ more telemarketers to your business and generate even more growth and success. 

So if your business is struggling, your staff are overwhelmed and you’re missing out on results, consider outsourcing, it could be the key move that elevates your business to success.

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