5 Reasons Why We win London Telesales Business

Telesales London

Although the Lead Lab is based in Exeter, Devon, we have a lot of clients outside of the South West, and we boast a significant client base in London for telesales.

We never hesitate in chasing London work, as the big firms there usually have high client values and are very professional to work with.

Here are my top 5 reasons why London companies should always consider placing their telesales campaigns outside of the city limits

We can work remotely and yet still provide you with full visibility at every stage of the campaign.

In fact, implementing a telesales campaign with us can often give you more insight into how sales are going than the sales person who is sitting down the other end of your office. We communicate and report regularly through conference calls and give you access to live call recordings and campaign metrics.

We embrace constructive improvement

Working with clients is a collaborative partnership and it all leads to better ROI at the end of the day if we embrace constructive feedback from callers as we go.

We understand that telesales today has a digital arm 

Most of our clients have large campaign spends, so the days of cold calling alone are long gone.

Digital marketing, email campaigns, and social media touch points, combined with personal engagement make us appear friendly and approachable at every stage of a campaign.

We know busy listeners can be time-poor

We’re not phone bashers and we understand that the people we talk to are often time-poor, so we know when to go in with short sharp memorable offerings, followed up with links to more in-depth information when needed. We are smart about the type and variety of telesales activity we set up.

We embrace a family feel with modern tech

We are an ambitious company and we are hungry to grow our opportunities. As a result we have a competitive price point and we invest in what’s important in maintaining a sustainable telesales office: a family feeling within the firm so it’s enjoyable to work here, good phone lines, fast computer networks, smart engaged staff, a knowledge of digital selling and low overheads that reject the extravagant spends of some London telemarketers.

In short, we are not just a room full of people with headsets on. We believe in spending money on the important stuff and investing in our people.


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