Model of Retention Is Our Model for Success

With the launch of the new website, it is likely to help reposition The Lead Lab within a very competitive market, the digital future is looking bright and ambitious for the company’s founder and managing director, Toby Blatchford-Tagg. Toby started out as an independent telemarketer in 2012, working from home for just one client. The client was so impressed that they asked Toby ‘is there more of you?’, as they wanted him to manage the telesales on other companies within their group…and so The Lead Lab was born out of a success necessity.

 Five years later and with a staff of 24 working out of their Exeter office, The Lead Lab now services B2B and B2C clients nationwide, with particular success in catching and retaining clients from London. Their portfolio now lists brand names such as Douwe Egberts, The FD Centre, and the largest credit insurance company in Europe.

Toby puts the company’s success down to being competitively priced, but equally importantly, they only offer long term telemarketing solutions. Toby says, “Our telemarketing campaigns are not about stop-start marketing, but about making the campaigns commercially sustainable, whereby we start a model that then drives its own success. Our price point allows us to become our client’s long term experts without the added cost of recruitment, as we are used as an outsourced member of their team and we share the responsibility in achieving successful sales and a return on investment.”

 The telemarketing industry is known for its high turnover of staff, but it’s a trend that The Lead Lab has bucked, having not had a member of staff leave them in over a year. Toby believes that looking after staff on an emotional level is really important and so they have regular social evenings and have an open plan office that helps keep things on a family level. The business is still a nice enough size to have a buzz within the office space each day, and knowing that their employees are happy resonates strongly within The Lead Lab business model.

The Lead Lab’s future ambition is to grow staff to 100 within the next three to five years and continue to show that their innovation in phone telesales, alongside a disciplined use of technology and digital marketing, can help any company to reach and retain customers. One goal will remain constant, and that is to implement campaigns where results can be properly measured so that the clients can evaluate the impact of every spend.

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