Start/Stop – When is it ever good to stop a marketing campaign?

We know – it seems weird to say, that we could want to stop a campaign, but hear us out. Sometimes, in marketing, there is good revenue and bad revenue. Occasionally, the bad revenue can outweigh the good revenue for both the client and the company. In this case, it doesn’t do anyone any good by carrying on an unsuccessful campaign. Here’s why we think that sometimes, it’s worth stopping a campaign that isn’t beneficial to either company. 

  1. The telemarketer is struggling.

It goes without saying that sales jobs are hard. It’s tough sometimes when rejection is part of your everyday job role. A good salesperson knows when a campaign has legs and whether it will be beneficial for everyone involved. However, a difficult campaign for any telemarketer can create a negative headspace that is a struggle to get out of. If any of our telemarketers are struggling with a campaign, sometimes it’s best to take a step back before going forward. This may mean putting the campaign on hold until a better solution is created. It’s a tough job sometimes, but the highs are worth it. 

2. New product/offering in a niche market 

We always have and always will believe that telemarketing can work for almost anything. However, in our increasingly digital and technological age, some newer products in the digital space don’t marry as well with telemarketing as we would like. This is not to say that telemarketing will never work for certain companies – it is definitely worth a shot – but the results may not be as high as others. In this instance, we like to go into these kinds of campaigns with eyes wide open. We always aim to be an integrated part of a company, just in a separate office. This means that both we, and our clients, know that there might not be as high an ROI from the very beginning of the campaign. Campaigns work best when there is complete honesty between both the client and the marketers.  

3. Wrong time, right place 

Sometimes, even when everything lines up perfectly, things just don’t work out the way that we want them too. Sector experience in telemarketing is key, and we have established experience in so many. Yet sometimes, even two campaigns that seem like they should be exactly the same, one ends up with more delivered KPI’s. We believe that it’s better to be proactive and take a look at the campaign, see if it is worth taking a step back and maybe try again at another time. 

As we can see, there are a number of reasons as to why it is best to stop a telemarketing campaign. We don’t like to stop any campaign, but sometimes, it’s for the best for both the client and the company. With this in mind, we take any campaign that we are a part of and learn from it and apply what we learn to future campaigns. 

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