The team celebrating The Lead Lab's 4th birthday

History And Progression of The Lead Lab

Wednesday 11th October 2017 heralds our 4th birthday, and the business has come a long way from the pair of telemarketers working on the Managing Director’s sofa.

When the Lead Lab first started, Toby Blatchford-Tagg was on the phone and winning customers for The FD Centre. His success was quick and the FD Centre were keen to extend this ROI on telemarketing for themselves and their sister companies, so employees were recruited and soon 2 telemarketers became 5, each with their own desk space. Four years ago, we decided to get serious (the room was getting a bit cramped by then) and ‘The Lead Lab’ became a registered company with an extended office underway, looking for clients.

The first step to growth was branching out locally and Harry Jones, The Lead Lab’s longest serving staff member, recalls;

The team celebrating The Lead Lab's 4th birthday
The team celebrating The Lead Lab’s 4th birthday

“I remember our first email campaign, we were so excited for every response that came through, and we responded to each one quickly and personally.”

We were quick to engage a telecoms company in Cornwall, and recruited a telemarketer to suit the client’s needs whilst training. They repeated the success of this business model and were soon securing contracts both locally and further afield.

Our belief that telemarketing can be effective if done correctly, and our years of research and experience have built up into a cost-effective marketing outlay for a client, that gives maximum ROI.

We like to think that our secret to success has also been down to our personable approach and communication. As specialists in engagement with not only the people we talk to on the phone, but with our staff, clients and suppliers, we have now built up a team of 20, with 3 sister companies to boot – Socially Recruiting, The Social Media Lab and The Home Lead Gen.

“Our main challenge with our growth was handling a larger team. We had the sales and marketing nailed, but growing internally meant there was a bigger range of personalities to accommodate, so our management team had to develop accordingly.”

The Lead Lab have now had 3 office extensions, worked with 105 businesses in 12 countries, developed a robust infrastructure complete with a management team and account managers and equally impressively, have kept their first client in a secure and ongoing relationship.

Let the birthday celebrations begin…

The office Frenchie enjoying some birthday cake.
The office Frenchie enjoying some birthday cake.

If you would like to talk to us about help with your telemarketing, then call 0333 207 0540.


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