The Importance of Meeting Face-to-Face in Telemarketing



Still to this day, in business, people still buy people. Some companies employ great sales executives who can sit down next to a potential client and sell to them face-to-face. However, they are not the right people to sell down the phone and sometimes lack the skills to be personally engaging when on the phone. That’s where The Lead Lab can step in and help.

They know their skills lie in the first point of telephone contact with new clients, they have the voice, personality and polite approach to break down walls. In fact, they recruit on that basis, knowing telemarketing is an art in itself as opposed to selling.

The Lead Lab’s clients are B2B companies with high value services and products that can’t simply be sold over the phone. It is their job to identify the right lead, sell the benefits and set up face-to-face appointments. If a lead is keen to talk further, then they can also hot key them through immediately on the phone and hand over to a client’s sales team for a conversation with greater depth of knowledge.

“If you try to sell down the phone the value isn’t perceived as great. We stand by selling the benefits and then our client attends a meeting in person which increases the conversion dramatically. We truly look at the details and explain how it has helped other companies, but we always stress face-to-face contact is key, so we open the door and simplify the sell.”

Their carefully crafted campaigns add value by helping clients with sector positioning, but they often have to educate their clients in the powers of telemarketing;

“We know what we do and we know what we do well, and we have a broad range of experiences to position clients with best practice for successful appointment setting in the B2B space.”


If you have a sales team, but lack the telemarketing skills to scale leads up into appointments, then call The Lead Lab for help on 0333 207 0540


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