How Telemarketing Is Helping Kids Engage With Maths!


A new contract for The Lead Lab uses their telemarketing skills to sign up schools across the UK to ‘Mathletics’, a captivating online e-learning space for primary schools.

Matt Biggenden heads up the telemarketing for 3P Learning who have recently signed up for a year-long telemarketing campaign, based on the success of an initial two month trial earlier in the year.

“The initial campaign had quite a few teething problems to overcome as I was tasked with calling schools across the UK and speaking to their maths subject leader. I soon found out that that person is most likely teaching all day and only has a 45 minute window to reach them, either at break, lunchtime, before school or when school finishes.”

Matt went in with email correspondence first, tried for a response from Reception and usually a few calls down the road he started to get traction and could pick up the campaign. A good day was when he could ‘hot key’ the call over or switch to ‘live chat’ with the Mathletics sales team for a greater depth of conversation on the finer points of the e-learning resource with a lead.

“The first point I needed to establish was if they knew of Mathletics already, then it was to encourage the set-up of a trial on the system and then to arrange a follow up meeting. Teachers often had questions I couldn’t answer and that’s the perfect opportunity to set up an appointment for the regional sales person to go in and give a presentation first hand. Just getting to the stage where a lead asks a tough question, means we are well under way and they are engaged with the product.”

The trial for 3P Learning ‘Mathletics’ programme is sent through via an email link to the website, where the teacher would then sign up and have a go. Matt’s job was to sell the benefits – for example it could be used for one class or rolled out across the whole school. He had to be very aware that as a subscription based software Mathletics would have to be budgeted for within the school year, so asking pertinent questions about when budgets are set allowed him lots of angles to establish a relationship with his caller.

“I have learnt by repetition and now I know the best time to call and when schools are most receptive. I have a rota to split my shift patterns for each day of the week and you soon learn when you get the more effective calls. Email correspondence is vital for teachers so they can respond in their own time, as they are always time poor. But then of course I turn that to my advantage by telling them that Mathletics helps teacher with lesson plans and gets them more organised, as the software has a filing system for groups and classes which makes it easier to assign maths challenges to students.

Phone manner is so important in this job and I always hold myself in the best manner, explain that I’m not there to sell over the phone, it’s all about engaging with a free trial and just starting a conversation.”

The buzz that The Lead Lab telemarketers get from setting appointments is palpable in the office;

“I am happy at the end of the day as each call gains me a bit more information. It’s like a maze I have to work through and another step closer to organizing that free trial. I get shouts round the office when I succeed and a shout out from my colleagues for a firm lead makes me feel good.”

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