Super Charging The Lead Lab’s Recruitment via Social Media


Social media is currently the trend of modern recruitment and has muscled its way into the more traditional practices, presenting a gap in the market that The Lead Lab was quick to fill.

The business model for The Lead Lab has always been to recruit friendly sales staff and keep them both happy and professional fulfilled. They like to turn the idea of telesales on its head, so instead of being the first rung on the ladder, it’s a solid career choice. People often feel that telesales is a low skills job you take on for 6 months before you move onto real employment. However, Tim Grant who ran all recruitment for The Lead Lab before setting up their sister company ‘Socially Recruiting’ 4 months ago, said this couldn’t be further from their business model.

“We employ telemarketers, not telesales people and there is a huge difference. We like people who already have approachable sales skills, personal drive and want to have a career with us, not just a job. We found it tricky, and expensive, though finding the right people through traditional methods, until we found we had a really great success rate via the more informal social channels and word of mouth. It worked so well for us that I approached Toby, The Lead Lab’s owner, and suggested we take our successful recruitment model out to the B2B market. ‘Socially Recruiting’ was born.”

The Lead Lab are successful in recruiting their telemarketers as they aren’t just looking for sharp tongued staff who can twist people’s arms. Their employees are clever, take a consultative approach to selling, understand thoroughly both their prospect on the phone and the product or service they are selling.

“Our people have to learn and understand the client they are representing inside out. For example, we have one telemarketer who sets up appointments to talk about high tech software for an engineering company. He had a solid background in the industry, having run his own renewables company in the past, and believes strongly in the products he sells. That’s why we recruited him, we matched the right candidate for our client.”

Socially Recruiting now places staff for various B2B organisations, ranging from technical, blue collar and mechanical to sales positions and barbers. The wonderful thing about social media is the volume of noise going on out there, and Tim is tapping into that. His specialty lies in his ability to listen to this noise and assess the suitability of these applicants to the positions he fills.

If you would like help with your staff recruitment, please call Tim at Socially Recruiting on 0800 917 2103

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