Why Telemarketers Need Their Coffee


We have one rule in The Lead Lab office – if you are making a coffee for yourself then you make a coffee for everyone.

The initial scent when you walk into our office is one of a fresh pot of coffee always on the brew. We thrive on coffee. Whoever comes in first in the morning puts the urn on as it’s part of setting the right atmosphere for everyone’s day on the phones. We are very lucky in having Douwe Egberts as our client and they kindly supply us with all the coffee we need. We supply them with good quality leads and they supply us with coffee! They sent us an array of different kinds of coffee to try before we settled on the one that worked for everyone in the team.


Our telemarketers have their headsets on talking to leads all day. Holding a warm coffee that has been served to you by a colleague, just the way you like it, can lift the spirit as it’s a little daily touchpoint. We each have our own mugs and everyone knows each other’s preferences (which could be counted as a skill with an office of 15+ people!). It can be challenging making 100-150 calls per day, so a coffee can give you that little push and extra drive to keep you motivated and productive.


I’m quite picky with my coffee and how it’s made which is why I’m so passionate about it – It’s also the reason I’ve been awarded ‘Best Coffee Maker’ in the office, which is on my CV! Our MD – Toby – drives our passion for coffee and has even promised a new barista style coffee machine in the near future, as for him, something as small as coffee can be a factor to pushing success in a daily routine.


This blog was by Joe Rowbotham, the Director of The Social Media Lab (sister business to The Lead Lab), who takes his coffee strong with one sugar. If you want to set up an appointment to grow your social engagement, book in a coffee date with him now on 0333 207 0549.


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