Looking back on 2018….

2018 was an exciting, busy, and ever-changing year for us over here at The Lead Lab. Looking back on the year has allowed our team to focus not only on our accomplishments but also to evaluate and improve on ways to overcome any challenges that came our way.

Looking back on 2018

Whilst we reflect on the year that we have had, we can celebrate the exponential growth of the company. The Lead Lab has grown in leaps and bounds in the past year and our team has expanded to the biggest that it has ever been, meaning that our office is livelier than ever. Of course we all get the job done, but there are definitely some hijinks that occur within the office! This jovial feeling puts us in a great place to take on the cold dark days of the New Year.


Speaking of the team growth, much can be said for the way that this team growth that has motivated us more than ever as the business has thrived over the year. We have cultivated new relationships with the fantastic companies of Hale Events and Munroe Sutton alongside many more. With these new relationships came more opportunities for our business development executives to work in new, interesting and varying sectors. As a result of this, we now have experience and knowledge in multiple different business regions that we previously had none!


In addition to this, we have maintained and upscaled old relationships such as that of our one with Douwe Egberts. Over the past year, we have grown their sales exponentially and both we and they have thrived off of our relationship together. We look forward to taking on 2019 with them as we aim to emulate as well as exceed our success of the last year.


We cannot write this blog post without mentioning our sister company, Home Lead Gen. As in the years before, Home Lead Gen has grown from being our little sister to having one of its most successful and profitable years yet. After an extremely successful 2018, they are well set for a stellar 2019. As both companies go from strength to strength, there are huge opportunities to be gleaned from both The Lead Lab and Home Lead Gen.


So after looking back on 2018, what are we hoping for the year to come? We’re hoping to start off the new year with a bang. Our wishes for the new year are to generate responses from hard-to-reach prospects, develop business within new sectors and deepen existing client relationships. Our goals for 2019 is to push for even more expansion, growth and success. 3 qualities that will no doubt be achieved.

Why Growth Is Still Important at Your Peak

Many businesses tend to slow down once they reach their perceived peak. Which is why it remains their peak and usually decreases ongoing. We think the key to success is to keep growing – even when you feel you’re at the top of your game.

Why growth is still important at your peak

One of the most important contributors to growth is retention. Retaining clients is a huge win for us – in fact, it’s the only way we profit. Knowing that a client has rebooked due to successful results and exceptional service is what we pride ourselves on; this helps us to prove concept for future prospecting. In order for business growth to materialise, we need to satisfy and preserve the clients who are currently investing in us by providing a service that meets and exceeds expectations. In turn, this encourages recommendations and word of mouth referrals – which is the best way to win new business – as trust has already been built, which is especially important in the telemarketing industry.


The next important step to implementing growth is to win new business on top of retaining current clients. Does your market know you exist? If not, you need to increase your marketing, as there are potential clients out there that need your service but haven’t heard of you, therefore you need to tell them. This is exactly what our service provides. Through lead generation and appointment setting, we raise brand awareness and find those prospects who are likely to be interested in our clients offering. Without that initial brand awareness, it’s hard to initiate business growth and increase sales. The key aspect to remember with telemarketing is that your audience may not be ready for your offering right now, but, if you make them aware that of your company’s presence and create an engagement that is memorable, they will remember you when they are ready – which is key, and ensures you have a longer sales pipeline.


The final thing to consider when managing business growth is to review whether the business is moving in the right direction, as this will reflect on your original goals. After all, you want your growth to be in correlation with everything you originally set out to achieve. The Lead Lab intends to facilitate and accelerate the growth of our clients, through this, we hope to retain those clients and build an exceptional reputation for our brand.  If our business wasn’t growing in that direction, we would have to question our processes and business concept. Part of business growth is establishing your brand and creating a deeper value to what it represents, this is crucial to us as we want to reflect an offering that produces a positive impact through brand awareness and provides warm sales leads that give businesses the opportunity to convert, and as a result, increase overall sales.


If you’re looking for methods to advance business growth and want to learn more about how we can help – call us on 0333 207 0540.

Telemarketing with a Sprinkle of LinkedIn

Who doesn’t like sprinkles, anyway? Here at The Lead Lab, we think it’s important to go the extra mile and offer something a little bit different with our telemarketing. After all, our tagline is ‘We do things differently’, and we make sure we live up to that.


As an optional add-on, we team up with The Social Media Lab to supercharge our services to a different level. The Social Media Lab is our sister business and specialise in all things digital marketing, including Social Media Management, Facebook Advertising, Social Lead Generation and much more. We use their ‘LinkedIn Lead Machine’ to go hand-in-hand with our telemarketing process to maximise results.


The ‘LinkedIn Lead Machine’ is a new method of targeted prospecting to find potential new clients on LinkedIn. The Social Media Lab establishes a set criteria to match your target market and then connects with the appropriate contacts on your behalf, before sending them a personalised 2-staged message to explain the offering and why it would be suited to their business.


If a prospect responds positively, they are passed immediately to the telemarketer to follow up via a telephone call and/or email marketing. Evidence shows that a hot lead which is left for more than 48 hours becomes cold and uninterested, which is why this process is paramount.


Using a range of marketing channels is key because it allows us to achieve the best possible results. Utilising different touchpoints to reach the prospects who are most likely to be interested in your product, and by using multiple platforms to do so, you can appeal to the prospect in a way that is more suited to them as a personal preference; Heightening conversion rates and, in turn, increasing your sales.


We have had great success with this process, and although it is completely optional, we highly recommend this to get the upmost out of your campaign.


To find out more about this service, get in touch on 0333 207 0540, or alternatively, you can get in touch with the Managing Director of The Social Media Lab, Joe Rowbotham, on 0333 207 0549.