Looking back on 2018….

2018 was an exciting, busy, and ever-changing year for us over here at The Lead Lab. Looking back on the year has allowed our team to focus not only on our accomplishments but also to evaluate and improve on ways to overcome any challenges that came our way.

Looking back on 2018

Whilst we reflect on the year that we have had, we can celebrate the exponential growth of the company. The Lead Lab has grown in leaps and bounds in the past year and our team has expanded to the biggest that it has ever been, meaning that our office is livelier than ever. Of course we all get the job done, but there are definitely some hijinks that occur within the office! This jovial feeling puts us in a great place to take on the cold dark days of the New Year.


Speaking of the team growth, much can be said for the way that this team growth that has motivated us more than ever as the business has thrived over the year. We have cultivated new relationships with the fantastic companies of Hale Events and Munroe Sutton alongside many more. With these new relationships came more opportunities for our business development executives to work in new, interesting and varying sectors. As a result of this, we now have experience and knowledge in multiple different business regions that we previously had none!


In addition to this, we have maintained and upscaled old relationships such as that of our one with Douwe Egberts. Over the past year, we have grown their sales exponentially and both we and they have thrived off of our relationship together. We look forward to taking on 2019 with them as we aim to emulate as well as exceed our success of the last year.


We cannot write this blog post without mentioning our sister company, Home Lead Gen. As in the years before, Home Lead Gen has grown from being our little sister to having one of its most successful and profitable years yet. After an extremely successful 2018, they are well set for a stellar 2019. As both companies go from strength to strength, there are huge opportunities to be gleaned from both The Lead Lab and Home Lead Gen.


So after looking back on 2018, what are we hoping for the year to come? We’re hoping to start off the new year with a bang. Our wishes for the new year are to generate responses from hard-to-reach prospects, develop business within new sectors and deepen existing client relationships. Our goals for 2019 is to push for even more expansion, growth and success. 3 qualities that will no doubt be achieved.

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