How To Hit (And Exceed) Your Targets, ‘The Lead Lab Style’.

In sales, we believe there are three ways to keep at the top of your game, and in the telemarketing industry, we know all too well ourselves that remaining enthusiastic and motivated can be challenging at times. That’s why we implement our three golden rules into our selling strategy to help our agents hit – and most importantly – exceed their targets.

Number one; Remain positive. As cliché and cringeworthy as it might sound, maintaining positive despite occasional or even consistent negative feedback will be the ultimate saviour. The reason for this is quite simple; negative thinking will, in turn, produce a negative performance. Even when you aren’t sat face-to-face with someone whilst introducing your business or product, they can still detect your mood and tone from the telephone, and why would anybody buy into pitch if you don’t sound like you live, breathe, eat and sleep it?


That’s why there’s always something going on in The Lead Lab office, with birthday celebrations, staff socials, team building exercises and performer of the week prizes – there’s never a dull moment. We create this culture for the sole reason of maintaining a positive atmosphere, which always reflects on to the telemarketer’s frame of mind. Positive thinking equals positive results and we see these results day in/day out.


Number Two; Focus on the things you can control. When working on a campaign, there are a number of things that could go wrong. From technical issues to a bad batch of data, things happen that you simply cannot control, so why let yourself become stressed? We like to focus our time and energy onto things that we can control, such as product training, learning about the company, gaining an insight into the background and culture of the business and improvement of sales techniques. This allows us to spend extra time and energy on the things we can make a difference with, rather than letting things we can’t change affect our approach.


Finally, Number Three. Remain interested. We know that there is nothing more off-putting than speaking to an discernibly bored telemarketer on the phone. A conversation needs energy, spark and passion in order to keep the prospect engaged and wanting to know more about the product/service. Engaging enthusiastically with a business owner about their pride and joy will always attract great results, as people love to talk about what they love. This detracts the ‘hard sell’ approach that people often associate with telemarketing, and that’s not what we’re about. We’re here to find out whether we can add value to people’s businesses through our clients’ offerings, and we understand that ‘no’ means ‘no’.


We want to assist with the success of our clients, and providing a high ROI lies within the amount of quality leads we produce. We emphasise the quality because we don’t believe in pushing as many leads though as possible, just to ‘hit the numbers’.  Ultimately, we want the leads that we generate to have the highest chance of converting into a sale for our client.


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Why We Benefit From Apprentices, and Why Apprentices Benefit From Us.



Here at the Lead Lab, we have taken on 2 apprentices in the past 2 years. One of which is now the Managing Director of his own business, The Social Media Lab, whilst the other is steadily progressing into a more senior marketing role for the entire group of businesses.


In the process of taking on these apprentices, Toby Blatchford-Tagg, our Managing Director and Founder of The Lead Lab, knew exactly what he was looking for; young, bright and energetic individuals who possessed passion and were eager to learn.


“We wanted to employ apprentices with no previous experience in the industry, that way we could mold them into our style of working and business culture. This meant that we could get the most value out of them, whilst providing a credible platform for them to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. It works in our favour, as the overhead costs are low, but the advantages are huge”.


Our apprentices started with an extensive understanding of exactly what they wanted to achieve, and with Joe, The Lead Lab’s first apprentice, it was clear from the start that a business venture was his goal, and Toby was the one who could make that goal a reality.


“I knew from the get-go that a digital marketing agency could be a great investment, but I needed Joe to prove he had the value and capability of running a business. He showed massive commitment by consistently being the first one in and last one out the office, despite earning the least money. It’s a rewarding feeling to watch somebody start from the bottom and work their way to the top.”


As we were looking for apprentices with no previous experience, it meant we could teach them to understand business strategy in a productive manner. This included proactive problem solving, always having a positive attitude, testing and measuring results and most importantly – not dwelling on the negatives.


Once Joe was in a position to put all his time and effort into his new pride and joy, The Social Media Lab, Toby and the rest of the management team thought it would be foolish to lose the value Joe brought to the marketing side of The Lead Lab in regards to gaining new business and building brand awareness. Therefore, they were quick to recruit Amelia, who swiftly took over Joe’s responsibility and delved deep into the marketing role with the ambition of growing into a senior marketing manager for the business group.


“I believe that establishing a relationship where we both gain and work towards something is essential. I use this ideology for every working relationship, otherwise, it’s unsustainable if the benefits are only one-sided.”


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Making Employees Feel Comfortable in the Workplace

Here at The Lead Lab, we love to encourage differentially in the office. We promote this by employing a wide age range of people from different walks of life, supporting employees in their own ventures, and allowing employees to make their workspace as comfortable as possible for them.

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In-House Telemarketing Vs Outsourced Telemarketing


It’s widely known that generating leads and appointments through traditional telemarketing is a sure-fire way to steadily increase your business growth, but businesses often question why they would outsource this service, rather than employing somebody in-house to do the job. The answer to this is simple; to save money, receive a high standard service and utilise a flexible commitment strategy.


With our telemarketing services, all campaigns will be managed closely by an account manager, no matter how many agents you have working on your behalf. This means that each telemarketer receives personal engagement and support constantly throughout their working day. However, this may not be the case for agents in-house If they do not an experienced sales manager to help with queries as they arise.


When clients run a campaign with us, our agents will be in an office full of telemarketers, creating an atmosphere that builds success. The healthy competition and support allows them to “bounce off” of each other and build a buzz that drives them to reach and exceed their targets. A single in-house telemarketer might find it more challenging to maintain the same level of motivation, which would ultimately affect productivity levels.


The overhead costs of employing a telemarketer in-house can also add up to be quite substantial; holiday pay, bonuses, recruitment fees, technical equipment and telephony bills would all need to be included as standard costings. When our service is utilised, all sick days are extended on to your campaign end date; if the telemarketer couldn’t make it into work, it would cost us money, not you.


Finally, we know we are good at what we do. As telemarketing is our profession, it means we only require product training, not sales training. We know how to be passionate about a product and replicate the devotion of the people who care most about the business. As we have a fully structured management team, our telemarketers receive consistent sales training and improvement programmes, consequently they are always performing at the highest level possible.


Overall, having an outsourced telemarketer could help save you a lot of time and money whilst generating a high volume of leads. Needless to say, it’s a ‘win-win’ situation!


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The Integration of Marketing Channels


In 21st Century business culture, multi-tasking is a necessity if you want to be ahead of the game. Here in the Lead Lab office, our telemarketers are trained to use multiple channels in their marketing strategy from the get-go. This works for three main reasons…

  1. It increases the possibility of gaining the prospects’ attention
  2. If we have correspondence via a channel other than telemarketing, the initial call, therefore becomes much ‘warmer’
  3. It builds trust and we become more approachable to prospects who prefer to be contacted by other means.


The main channel we integrate alongside our telemarketing is email marketing. We do this because we receive a huge response from prospects who may not be available to talk when our telemarketers call, but they do have an interest in the product/service we’re introducing.  We know that people have busy working lives, and it’s unlikely they have time to answer every single call they receive. After all, if we dismissed every prospecting call that went to voicemail, we would miss out on a lot of opportunities.


All of our telemarketers will send emails with content that is personal and engaging. We spend a lot of time in the preparation stages of a campaign with our Operations Director, Harry Jones, to make sure the email has all the necessary information, but still comes across as captivating and personal. If the prospect responds to the email wanting to know more, our telemarketers will then proceed to call and answer any questions they might have, resulting in a warmer and more inviting phone conversation.


We know this method of integrating marketing channels is what makes us different to our competitors, we always aim to keep up to date with alternative methods that we can introduce to make our approach stronger and more effective. Our in-house marketing team are always on the lookout for fresh processes to exceed our targets and raise the standard of service here at The Lead Lab.

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Telemarketing Transparency


We strongly believe in building trust here at The Lead Lab, and to ensure that our clients have complete visibility over our telemarketing activities. Continue reading Telemarketing Transparency

How to Make a Great First Impression on a Telemarketing Call


A telemarketer has an extremely short window to create likability when talking to a high profile, busy decision maker. So why should they engage with a ‘cold caller’? Our answer to this is simple – we don’t want to hard sell a product, we want the prospect to buy into us and our beliefs in the client we’re representing. We have full confidence in the ‘good old’ ideology that people buy people.

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