How to Make a Great First Impression on a Telemarketing Call


A telemarketer has an extremely short window to create likability when talking to a high profile, busy decision maker. So why should they engage with a ‘cold caller’? Our answer to this is simple – we don’t want to hard sell a product, we want the prospect to buy into us and our beliefs in the client we’re representing. We have full confidence in the ‘good old’ ideology that people buy people.

When recruiting for positions, we work closely with Socially Recruiting to ensure we hire the perfect candidate. This involves matching the right individual to the client in question; with the right attitude, work ethic and ability to go above and beyond the expectations. We feel these qualities make an excellent recipe for the most desirable addition to The Lead Lab team, which in turn creates a solid foundation for the relationships we want to gain in terms of lead generation, returning clients and staff retention.

We understand that it takes as little as just one sentence for a first impression to be born. Which is why you need to be concise and interesting with what you have to offer, we find asking questions provoke more engagement when conversing with prospects and it allows us to find out more information about the business, which consequently means we can tailor the call even further to the individual contact. Stripping the activity of its ‘cold call’ description.

Lastly, our callers really are interested in what the contact has to say and we feel that’s the most important characteristic to have in the telemarketing game. You cannot force the natural enthusiasm and interest our agents have when talking to new prospects and booking leads, which generates an upbeat buzz throughout the whole office.

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