How We Do Things Differently


The Lead Lab are not your run-of-the-mill telemarketing company, in fact there are two things that we do very differently.

The first one is a comprehensive understanding that the biggest barrier to reaching the Directors and Managing Directors they market to, are the gate keepers. This knowledge was born out of Toby’s initial first few years in telemarketing where he just picked up the phone and made hundreds of calls per day selling windows and print materials. However, once he moved on to telemarketing for The FD Centre, targeting MD’s in the £1M – £50M marketplace, he soon realised that the phone alone was no longer enough.

Toby understood that telemarketers couldn’t stay in the dinosaur era and now The Lead Lab use as many touch points as possible to reach their leads and set up appointments.

“It’s all about personal engagement now. There is the phone, individual emails, LinkedIn connections and more, the list is ongoing. Every phone call we make also has a personal email to accompany it, which is written in such a way that it feels solely for the person it was sent to. We spend a lot of time working on the email copy with the prospect to make it as engaging as possible at the beginning of a campaign. This enables us to be efficient and tweak personal details on-the-go as we are a high-level, high-call volume telemarketing company, so we just tweak. This allows us to have multiple contact points and bypass the gate keepers.”

The second thing that makes The Lead Lab different is their engagement both emotionally and socially with their staff. Toby’s favourite quote is from Zig Ziglar “You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want”. Last week the team had a fun day at The Bear Trail in Devon, where they had to do various team building activities. Next week they have a 6-a-side football match planned with the rivalry of their sister business Home Lead Gen. Toby likes to give back to his staff – They even have an annual trip to Ibiza! This is their secret for staff retention, giving positive reinforcement for a job well done!


“A member of staff is nominated as ‘head of events’ and we pay them extra to organize everything. At the moment, it’s Emma’s job as she has a background in events management. These jobs are best given to whoever is the most enthusiastic about it, and Emma is exactly that, as well as super social which helps. As our businesses grow, more and more people are joining – which we love as it brings new personalities to the mix! A free drink on a Friday night comes from the heart as I am a strong believer in looking after your employees, as it will always result in your clients being looked after. I always emphasize that they deserve to be praised as they are the people keeping the clients coming back and consequently keeping the business alive.”

Although I refrain from using the terminology, ‘family’, we stand by that principle as a company. It may sound cringeworthy but it’s real and it’s also profitable. We work hard and get the results which warrants having fun time to time.”


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