Extending Our Office to Maximise Happiness


With a grass floor, bean bags in the meeting room, a giant waterfall wall paper, a PlayStation and a 65 inch TV screen, these are just a few of The Lead Lab strategies for keeping their staff happy and productive. 

The Lead Lab have recently extended their existing office space and converted a former horse barn into an office to house 6 telemarketers and a meeting room. Toby Blatchford-Tagg, Managing Director of The Lead Lab, doesn’t believe in cramming as many employees as possible into a small and dingy office space, still expecting them to thrive.

“Keeping my staff happy means we keep productive and motivated. The new space that’s chilled out and relaxed, helps them feel good about where they are and what they do and that’s important.”

However the light filled, open-plan room isn’t just about keeping the workplace sociable, as the space has been designed with their clients in mind too. Whenever a client visits the office now, the glass meeting room wall shows them 20 happy marketers on the phone doing exactly what they promise to do – generating new leads daily. This transparency about a typical working day at The Lead Lab helps the sales process.

“We are already filling the space, as I have just recruited 2 new telemarketers with a 3rd one starting soon to cover both telemarketing and digital marketing support.”

This open, honest and hardworking approach to lead generation is an immersive business strategy and one set to keep their employees and clients very happy for a long time to come.

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